Our Research

The research is a collaboration between High Performance Institute and social scientists at the University of
California Santa Barbara and the University of Pennsylvania. As described, the overall framework for high performance, and
the habits that support it, were developed by Brendon Burchard and his team. From this initial framework, Burchard and is collaborators began an iterative process of creating and validating a high performance scale that reliably measures the
habit constructs and their relationship to important life and career outcomes. This report outlines our findings and progress in developing The High Performance Indicator (HPI) thus far.

The Results

A strong positive correlation between the High Performance
Indicators and Happiness (r = 0.58), Confidence
(r = 0.67), Career Impact (r = 0.58), Work Quality (r = 0.60) & Life Satisfaction (r = 0.62).

Training clients measurably improved by a standard deviation across all measures of the HighPerformance Indicator Assessment.

190 Countries


174,054 Participants

The "Lab" Data Points

1. Over 2 million users of our online education

2. Coaching insights from 11,000+ high-performance coaching sessions

3. Empirical results from training over 40,000 people

4. Academic surveys on performance in 190 countries

5. 300 structured one-on-one interviews with the top 5% of leaders from 11 different countries

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