Our Quest

Develop High Performing People and cultures that creates
organizational competitive advantage and leads to long-term
sustainable success. Our training and coaching solutions equip
people with the mindset and productivity habits that drive results.

Your 2021 Needs, Priorities, & Initiatives

The best leadership and talent development investments address your business goals and deliver results. Given this new business climate, what are your highest-priority challenges & talent needs?

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.We do not act rightly because
we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


Critical skills like growth mindset, creativity and communication matter in 2021!

• Adopt a growth mindset of continuous learning and be open to change in the workplace

• Build an organizational culture that nurtures innovation and creativity

• Employees leaning into their human skills – Critical Thinking, communication, storytelling, and EQ


• Online learning experiences that address the specific needs of employees using research-based content, delivered in modern formats, to reach diverse, dispersed audiences.

• An engaging learning journey that drives application of knowledge and sustains behavior change through mastery tools & group coaching.

• A consistent approach that is easy to learn, easy to understand, and easy to apply.

High Performance Habits

HPI On-Demand Library of Courses

• Access modern digital learning experiences

• Courses include: High Performance Habits Builder, Persuasion Mastery, GPS, and Secrets of the Top 2%

• Upon Completion, receive a 
High Performance Certificate

High Performance Habits Builder Program

This digital course is flexibly designed to deliver the top
 performance skills training to all your employees so that they can access the content from anywhere, as 
often as they like.

At The High Performance Institute (HPI), we help you build the High Performance Habits required to create the culture & results  you desire.
 Includes the HPI assessment as a PRE & POST to the learning journey so you can measure your progress.

The High Performance Habits Builder Series is an online solution that teaches powerful strategies and daily 
practices for improving performance in all you do.

Elements of the Six Habits Builder Lessons:

• 1-2 hours of instruction of each habit by Brendon Burchard
• Pre and Post High Performance Indicator Assessment
‍• 5 daily practices for improving and locking in each habit
• 5 recommended books to read
‍• 5 recommended videos or documentaries to watch
• Daily journal PDF to improve each specific habit

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